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At Basic Bicycle we've put together some resources for you including articles, guides, tips, videos -bicycle stunts, a basic bicycle store with deals galore, cute bicycles, town & country bicycles, a forum (not there yet), picture gallery (including my trusty rusties as mentioned in Squidoo to which we hope you will add your favourite trusty rusties, a basic bicycles blog, and links. Whether its a basic bicycle, mountain bicycle, exercise bicycle or performance bicycle, please do let us know what more you would like to read and we'll be happy to produce the informaiton for you.
As you know, a bicycle, often called a bike, is a muscle powered pedal-driven land vehicle with two wheels attached to a frame one behind the other. First introduced in 19th-century Europe, it evolved quickly into its current design. With over one billion in the world today, bicycles provide the principal means of transportation in many regions and a popular form of recreation in others.

~ Your Basic Bicycle Team

Here are some articles to start with...

Folding Bicycles
By The Basic Bicycle Team
The folder or folding bicycle is a kind of bike that has several joints and / or hinges that can be unlocked in order to fold the bike into a compact size and shape. The folding typically involves Read more...
Shopping For New Bicycle Accessories
By The Basic Bicycle Team
My son got a new bike for Christmas. He also received gifts of money from various relatives for purchasing bicycle accessories. He totaled up his money and we visited a website together to choose Read more...
Recumbent Bicycles: Faster And More Relaxing
By The Basic Bicycle Team
Many bike speed records have been broken by recumbent bikes. Recumbent bicycles were banned from international racing in the year 1934 and they havenít seen widespread use until during the 20th Read more...
The Best Kinds of Bicycle Shops
By The Basic Bicycle Team
I love bikes. Bicycles of every shape, color, type and size will draw me like a fly to honey, so it took me a few years to discover that I do have a preference for particular kinds of bicycle Read more...

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